The Young Airmans Association


501c3 Non- Profit

The Young Airmans Association is a registered non-profit organization focused on young men and women that reside in underrepresented communities. 

In conjunction with United Youth Aviators (UYA) we will educate, train, and provide a new mindset directly from the cockpit of an airplane. If you teach a kid to fly, they can overcome anything.



Changing the mentality of underprivileged youth to learn how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) allows for the fun wonders of flight. This shift in Philosophy will encourage future aspirations in our youth.



To become the most impactful and valuable program, elevating the mindsets of youth in underserved communities.



We will attain resources and funds to help youth in underrepresented communities achieve their Airmans Certificate (Private Pilot License). 

We will further be a resource and continue to help these youth acquire any requirements needed to become a pilot in any classification thereafter. All classifications  will be in accordance to Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

This achievement will give these young men and women a different mindset to have a superior economic position. This distinct mindset shift will allow them to be marketable in the industry of aviation.

Board of Directors

Clet Titus

Cletodell Titus

Milton K Davis Sr.

Milton K Davis Sr.


Milton Davis

Milton K Davis Sr.

Milton K Davis Sr.

Milton K Davis Sr.

Chairman of the Board


Sophia Rennie

Sophia Rennie

Sophia Rennie



Qahira Smalls

Sophia Rennie

Sophia Rennie